Payment at the Class $150:00
Per person
Dealers Support Group
Class Calendar
Northridge (Los Angeles County)                       Direction
Wednesday 01/25/17
09:00 AM  to 4:00 PM
Wednesday 02/08/17
09:00 AM  to 4:00 PM
About The DMV test:
Dealer test contains 40 multiple-choice questions.
Passing score is %70.
Our Class Participants Average Score is %97.

Private, one to one classes on your time are  
$250.00 (second or third person
$150.00  each)
Class Length
6 hours
Attending the class should be your first step toward obtaining your Dealer License, In class we go over all
the DMV requirements and how to fulfill them. In addition to the DMV requirement and preparation for test
we go over all aspects of car business from daily operation to expected expenses and income. If you have
no previous experience in car business we give you a good picture of how industry functions. This course
is also recommended for those group of people whom are not made their mind to become auto dealers,
this gives then an opportunity to make an inform decision.